Research Advisory Group


The SMC Research Advisory Group counsels the Office of Institutional Research regarding research policies, procedures, and initiatives. This group, which meets at least approximately two times a year, participates in the development and update of the college's two-year research agenda. The group's membership represents a wide range of the college functions and areas and includes faculty, staff, and administrators. Participation in the Research Advisory Group is open to any SMC employee. If you would like to attend the next Research Advisory Group meeting, please contact Dr. Hannah Lawler, Dean of Institutional Research at

Current Research Agenda: 2020-2021 Research Agenda

Members 2019-2020

Eve Adler (Nursing/Management Association)

Jason Beardsley (Instructional Services)

Brenda Benson (Counseling Programs)

Melanie Bocanegra (STEM/Equity)

Chris Bonvenuto (Fiscal)

Dione Carter (Noncredit)

Edna Chavarry (Academic Affairs)

Guido Davis DelPiccolo (Sociology/Faculty Leader for Redesign)

Wendi DeMorst (Tutoring/SI)

Nate Donahue (Art History/Academic Senate President)

Vicki Drake (Earth Science/Program Review)

Marc Drescher (IT)

Gail Edinger (Math/Institutional Effectiveness)

Kiersten Elliott (Community Programs)

Laurie Guglielmo (Counseling)

Erica LeBlanc (Accreditation/Program Review)

Wendy Liu (MIS)

Laurie McQuay (Grants)

Jenny Merlic (Academic Affairs)

Elisa Meyer (English/Institutional Effectiveness)

Lizzy Moore (Foundation)

Maria Munoz (Communications & Media/Faculty Leader for Redesign)

Tricia Ramos (Workforce & Economic Development)

Teresita Rodriguez (Enrollment Development)

Esau Tovar (Enrollment Services)

Michael Tuitasi (Student Services)

Sal Veas (Business/Chair of Department Chairs)

Tammara Whitaker (Distance Education)

Lisa Winter (Human Resources/Title IX)

Irena Zugic (Pathways/Redesign)