Custodial Operations

Custodial Services’ objective is to provide a clean and safe environment as well as an academic atmosphere that is conducive to learning and education. Custodial services work to continuously improve the District’s assets through sustainable operational best practices and up-to-date custodial technologies from standards set by APPA, which is the industry-leading educational facility management consortium dedicated to supporting the professions that maintain educational facilities.

Custodial Operations provide trash removal, floor care (vacuuming, sweeping, wet mopping) dusting, wipe down of counters, surfaces, and all high touch points. Assignments include the stocking and restocking of supplies as well as the replenishment of portable cleaning caddies and hand sanitizer stations.

Custodial Operations currently operates on a six-day-a-week work schedule during four shifts that begin at 4:00 am and end at 6:00am, Monday – Saturday, with variable weekend schedules. 

Grounds Operations

Ground Operations provides landscaping maintenance (litter/hedges/flower beds/lawns), irrigation oversight, grounds upkeep and cleaning, power washing, tree maintenance/trimming/pruning, and pest controls services. Their assignments also include event setups, exterior trash removal, field maintenance as well as the parking lot and parking structure sweeping and cleanup. 

Ground Operations currently operates on a six-day-a-week work schedule. They work 5:00 am – 1:30 pm, Monday – Saturday.

How to Submit a Work Request

To submit a work request, please review the information below and be sure to include the following when filling out the form. SMC Employees must log in with your SMC credentials to submit a work request. 

Subject of Your Request

Please enter one of the following in the subject of your work request along with any details, including any appropriate circumstances or supplementary information that may aid in resolving it:

  1. Restrooms/Locker Rooms
    1. Building name, floor, (room number, if possible).
    2. Type of service required: emptying trash, restock supplies, refilling dispensers, cleaning and sanitizing fixtures, locked-door.
    3. If known, stall number.

  2. Classrooms and Offices
    1. Building name, floor, room/office number letter. Please indicate if this is a staff or faculty office. 
    2. Type of service required: Empty wastebaskets, clean chalk/whiteboards, realign & wipe down table/chairs/desks, replenish caddies, move furniture. 

      *For personal protective equipment (PPE), please contact your department chair, administrative assistant, or supervisor to order through Adobe sign online.

  3. Public Area
    1. Approximate location and direction, if possible (ex. West entrance, North/West corner). 
    2. Type of service required: general cleaning of benches, hallways, and walkways, lobby, corridors, grounds upkeep, exterior facilities, parking lots and satellite campuses.

  4. Event Support
    1. Event date, location, set-up time/tear-down time, and all details. Please submit work requests no less than two weeks (10 business days) prior to your event to allow proper scheduling of resources.
    2. For work requests involving tables, chairs, tents, etc., we ask that you secure permission from the department you are borrowing items from. Please include that information in the description: item pick-up/return date, time, location and contact person. 

  5. Pest Control
    1. Building name, floor, room/office number letter. Please indicate if this is a staff or faculty office. 
    2. Type of service required: Please report any insects or animals that can cause destruction to property or affect your health. Keeping a clean environment is key. 

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